Dr. Jeffrey A. Sachs Speaks at the Community Health Care Association of New York State’s 2016 Statewide Conference & Clinical Forum

December 2, 2016

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs recently led a general session at the Community Health Care Association of New York State’s (CHCANYS) Statewide Conference & Clinical Forum in Tarrytown, New York where he spoke about the future of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and the opportunities and challenges presented to the health centers in the evolving healthcare landscape.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Building Healthy Communities through Access, Value, and Transformation.” Over 550 leaders from FQHCs, including staff, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors, attended to network and learn from one another.

In his presentation on November 1, Dr. Sachs spoke about the impact of the digital revolution on FQHCs.

“New York, like the rest of the nation, has entered a period of extraordinary change in healthcare and FQHCs are right in the middle of it,” remarked Dr. Sachs. “In 5 to 10 years, your partnerships will be different, your processes will be different, how you are paid in important ways will be different and your staff’s role in delivering care will continue to evolve. And every single process will be supported by software—every single process.”

CHCANYS is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for New York’s 64 FQHCs. The centers provide primary, preventive and dental care, among other services to New York’s medically underserved neighborhoods.

“I was honored to have been chosen to speak at this year’s CHCANYS Conference & Clinical Forum,” said Dr. Sachs. “The Community Health Care Association of New York State is well-respected for its leadership in community health. Many of their programs and initiatives, like this annual conference, help to give a voice for community-based primary care in New York – they also showcase community health centers as centers of excellence. This year’s event was no exception.”

In his closing remarks, Dr. Sachs left his listeners with a call to action. “This digital revolution is driving every single sector of our economy. It is part of the march of history. We in healthcare have a choice, we can either join the march, or be left behind.”