Face Difficult Challenges with Confidence

Our Approach

We are able to help create personalized, tailor-made solutions for our clients, such as finding funding opportunities or developing business strategies and partnerships for long-term success.

We pride ourselves on building close relationships of mutual trust and candor with clients that often last many years. Based on such relationships, we have been able to work closely with the leaders of health care institutions and organizations to address some of their most difficult challenges, such as financial crises, mergers and the need to adapt to health care reform.


We advise health care leaders on the public policy issues they face and provide them with unique, personalized strategies to achieve success. We are experts in identifying and building strategic partnerships with organizations across the health care economy. When needed, we work with such partnerships to develop joint management and care delivery models.

We also provide:

We are not a lobbying firm. When clients need lobbying services before government bodies or officials, we refer them to others. Our expertise is in providing information analysis and strategic guidance.