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“New York, like the rest of the nation, has entered a period of extraordinary change in healthcare and FQHCs are right in the middle of it. In 5 to 10 years, your partnerships will be different, your processes will be different, how you are paid in important ways will be different and your staff’s role in delivering care will continue to evolve. And every single process will be supported by software—every single process.”

— Jeffrey Sachs, CHCANYS 2016 Statewide Conference & Clinical Forum, September 2016

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Sachs Policy Group provides regular briefings on policy developments and funding opportunities of interest to our clients. Below is a sample of recent updates covering state and federal legislation, regulatory changes, and funding opportunities. SPG walks through new threats and opportunities with clients as they arise.



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SPG has assembled a glossary of health care terms that are of particular relevance in New York State. Newly updated for 2017, the glossary provides quick, useful definitions for a number of programs, acronyms, concepts and jargon.

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